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Selected Edition

Vassiliki Theodorakidi - Mamona, awarded artist with international activity and director of Thyreos Vassiliki Art and Jewellery House, draws her inspiration by the legacy of the past and brings it to the present, following an innovative artistic quest. Her exhibitions are often presented in ancient theaters, art houses and appropriate formed spaces as Works of Synthesis of the Arts along with sculptures, holographic projections, music, acting etc., with the participation of important personalities of the arts and academia, politics and religion. During these manifold events, one can view the deep effect of human’s bygone forms of expression in contemporary art, as well as the interactions between global civilizations. Thus, a journey through time is realized, provoking intense feelings to the viewer who is led to experience the philosophy “History as Art”. The results of this quest, unique creations and strictly collectible art pieces, are often selected for luxury auctions (eg. Monaco under the auspicies of HSH Prince Albert II), by exceptional collectors or offered as particular PR gifts on the level of Heads of State and VIP.

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